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Volos and Skiathos are two of the possible check-in points for Notus Yachting customers.


There are several ways to travel to Volos. Depending on where you are departing from and whether you want to spend a few more days traveling in Greece, extending your vacations here, you can choose to travel either by plane, coach, train, ferry, or even your own or hired car.


Getting to Skiathos is equally convenient; the island can be reached by plane or ferry.


You can find a a great deal of information at a travel agent near your area, but in case you want to organize your trip on your own, below we provide this guide to help you out.

By plane

The most direct route is to fly to Volos National Airport (IATA: VOL). Volos Airport is approximately 30 min by road from Volos. There are several scheduled and charter flights to this airport, and from here you can go to volos by bus, taxi, car, or arrange to use our mini-Bus transport feature.

The next  nearest airport you can fly to is Skiathos airport (IATA: JSI), offering a lot of charter flights during summer season. You can start directly your charter from Skiathos, or you can go to Volos by ferry/Speed boat (estimated time 2hours 30 min/1hour 30 min).

Alternative airports are the Athens International Airport (IATA: ATH) and Thessaloniki’s Macedonia International Airport (IATA: SKG). From here, you can either use a bus or train to come to Volos, or you can rent a car.

By train

Volos is connected by railway and is accessible by both Athens and Thessaloniki.

You can find the trains timetable and prices by clicking here.

By coach

Athens to Volos by coach is about 4 hours long. Thessaloniki to Volos is about 2hours 30min.

Coach timetables can be found here.

By ferry

If you want to travel to Greece by ferry there are few Ferry Boats that go to Igoumenitsa and Patra from Ancona or Venice (Italy). From there, you can reach Volos either by using your car, hiring a car or getting on a bus.

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